Hurray! NetNewsWire 3.2b13 has removed Advertisements

The latest beta of NetNewsWire (3.2b13) has removed the annoying advertisements that were a major distraction. Also, they have brought back the clipping feature – which is really one of the most useful functions for storing interesting RSS articles for reading later.

However, the resurrected clippings do not sync with Google Reader, which cripples the function. In my usual use case scenario, I used to use the Newsgator online web interface to store long articles for reading later at leisure at home. Looks like this is not going to be possible.

BTW, my quest for finding an alternative RSS reader client on the Mac is still not fulfilled. I had tried out the following RSS readers:

  1. Vienna – A nice and capable OSS reader, but a little too basic and the chrome of the application seems out of place on the Mac. Also, it seems to crash quite often
  2. NewsFire – I had a license from a Macheist deal from 2007, and the latest version is free. However, the functions are really basic

Looks like NetNewsWIre with its latest warts is still the most capable reader client on the Mac … I guess I could use Firefox’s live RSS feeds as well … they do sync nicely via the Foxmarks extension.


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