Emacs 23 is finally released!

Hurray! The latest version of the Emacs Operating system … erm text editor has been released today. The new version is at 23.1 and has a lot of goodies packed. The three features I am looking forward to the most are:

  1. Native transparency
  2. Easy sizing of the font display via C-x C-+ and C-x C–
  3. Full unicode support!!

The third one is going to be most useful in the long run – with an easy ability to use the editor for texts in my native language and script. MULE was a workable option – but clunky compared to the solution in this release.

The build and install on OSX went smooth, after the usual CVS update followed by ./configure and make. Remember to use the –with-ns switch for the ./configure invocation.

Happy Emacsen!


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