Extension List Dumper for Firefox

Since Firefox 3.0 released, I have been on a extension binge“evaluation” spree – and currently have around 37 of these installed. The problem is that having the same set of extensions across different installs of Firefox on my machines has been rather tedious, given the fact that Firefox does not provide a easy way to list the installed ones. The only way out so far has been to manually scroll through the list of add-ons and hope that I recorded the name correctly 🙂

However, a little extension called Extension List Dumper has come to the rescue and adds a feature which should have been in Firefox in the first place – it allows one to dump a list of extensions from the add-on manager.

After install, the extension adds a button to dump the list:

Firefox Extension List Dumper
Firefox Extension List Dumper

Clicking the button opens up a dialog box with fine-grained options for specifying exactly what needs to be exported:

All in all, a handy plugin to have – especially if you are into trying out a ton of extensions.


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